Detecting Attacks

hi su..

I am Subashini, a graduate student. I am interested in doing my project in
Network Security. I have a doubt related to it.

duh... too broad of a subject ... you'd need to be more specific about which
of the hundred's of sub categories ...

The aim is to detect DoS/DDoS attacks using the application.

good ... sorta specific but not ...

I am going to
use ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibanna) for processing the logs (Log

hummm, why that app and not the couple dozen other ways people are using
to detect incoming and/or outgoing DDoS attacks

if the "professor" says "use ELK" ... you have no ther choice ...
if not, there's much better options to detect DDoS attacks ...

( tcpdump -nnvv ) ... if you cannot explain each line, you've got a DDoS problem

My doubt is regarding how do we generate logs for detecting this attack? As
I am new to this process, I am not sure about it.

what's the doubt ?? if there is a doubt ... conduct and experiment and
see if it confirms your expected result or explain why its different
and do more experiments until "its all explained" and no more doubts

Also, if it is possible to do any other attacks similar to this, you can
please give a hint about it.

several dozens other types of attacks similar to DDoS, which takes over
a server or network offline including no-technical-skill required attacks

Could anyone please help with this, it would be a great help!!

google/yahoo/bing is your assistant ready to give you ALL the
answer's you need and ant