Since it hasn't hit nanog yet, I guess I'll go ahead and go ahead and be
the first to point it out.

It seems that Level 3 (3356) and XO (2828) are no longer carrying each
other's routes. :slight_smile:

And just when I was about to release :slight_smile:

Appears to be.

XO's looking glass for BGP looking is broken (did it break today?),
however, traceroute shows:

  1 ( 0 msec 4 msec 4 msec
  2 * * *

L3's looking glass:

Show Level 3 (San Jose, CA) BGP routes for

No matching routes found for


For what it's worth, I'm seeing the following:

>show ip bgp
BGP routing table entry for, version 91507552
Paths: (6 available, best #2, table Default-IP-Routing-Table)
   Advertised to update-groups:
      1 2
   3356 2828 from (
       Origin IGP, metric 100, localpref 90, valid, external
       Community: 3356:3 3356:86 3356:575 3356:666 3356:2010

Community Definitions:
3356:666 - Peer route
3356:3 - North America
3356:575 - USA
3356:2010 - NYC - New York City

Perhaps this is back up as a paid peer? Perhaps they kissed and made up? Perhaps XO asked to turn it back up for a short while they set up transit? Who knows...

Also, doesn't 2828 have transit from 1239?