Denial of service attacks apparently from UUNET Netblocks

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This evening, at 11:45 PM CDT, a serious and severe denial of service attack
was launched against MCSNet.

The machines implicated individually as sources, so far, all appear to be
MAX TNTs within UUNET's core.

Examples are and

More specifically, TNT's in UUNET's New York dialup area:




This might indicate that either someone inside UUNET was responsible, or
that someone has penetrated UUNET's internal security and compromised the
source devices. As TNTs are typically connected to very-high-speed egress
pathways, they would be quite capable of sourcing the data flows we saw this

More likely, since these are going to be dynamically allocated addresses,
it was a single UUNET customer dialing in multiple times (ISDN...) and
slamming the bits at you.

If someone of these people HAD been available, we might have caught the
perpetrator(s) in the act.

S'okay. Have the feds subpoena UUNET for the connect logs for these
max'es. UUNET keeps the logs and is capable, given the exact time of the
attack(s), of going through the logs, identifying exactly who it was, and
if it's one of their customers, giving the personal info to the feds.
If it's a reseller's customer, they can get the user info and forward it to
the reseller and inform the feds who they need to talk to for the personal
info. Whoever it was is as good as nailed.

Steve Mansfield
NorthWestNet Network Engineer 425-649-7467