Demarc in FTTH ?

What are you thoughts about whether FTTH GPON systems have a demarc or
not ?

Would it be the ONT ? (since beyond the ONT, the end user has no ability
to test the line).

or should FTTH be viewed more like DOCSIS systems where there is no
official demarc ?

In Canada, the telcos charge a "DMC" charge if they visit an end user's
house and find the service is fine at the demarc (indicating problem in
within customer's responsability).

So finding out where responsanility ends would be userful.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also, since the ONT is generally proprietary to the telco who made
decisions on GPON deployments, does it make sense to have the ONT in the
customer's responsability ?

I would tend to think the ONT is treated as the demarc point. Most carriers I've seen treat them as the optical equivalent of copper NIDs or smartjacks.

I have no non-physical access (1) to the ONT for the FiOS installation at my house, and no responsibility for it, beyond providing it with power.

(1) a possibly untrue statement, but I've never had any real need to mess around with it :wink:


Many many opinions on this are in the archives from about 3 weeks ago;
you should look for "L1 vs L2", and several threads whose titles look
related. :slight_smile:

-- jra