Deja Vu [Was: Re: So why don't US citizens get this?]

And they do. Rightfully so, I suppose.

I think the issue that was being discussed -- which I shouldn't
probably compel -- is the fact that questionable decisions have
been in the U.S. regulatory process which favor monopoly interests.

Free markets have a tendency to become "un-free" when monopolistic
positioning becomes entrenched -- and even preferred by government

But allow to me apologize now for my non-technical response,
although I feel compelled myself to point out the obvious. We just
don't have the competitive choices we should, as consumers.

What is old, seems to be new again, unfortunately.


- - ferg

even in deep Russia ETTH/FTTH networks bites big state monopolies. So I think just somebody is too lazy to do something :slight_smile:

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