"Defensive" BGP hijacking?

I know Bryant Townsend (ex staminus employee), Marshal Webb (aka m_nerva,
lulzsec informant) and others from backconnect.net performed a similar BGP
hijacking against staminus earlier this year.


Shortly afterwards, on 10th of march a zine is released leaking the
Staminus user database and contents of several customer servers.

The times aren't the only interesting factor here, even the format of the
release just screams m_nerva. Zines are very rare these days. So rare in
fact that the last similar zine before the staminus hack was released in
2013 by HTP, a hacker group m_nerva was loosely affiliated with during it's
early days.

I *strongly* believe Bryant Townsend and Marshal Webb hacked Staminus and
produced the "Fuck 'em all." zine

Sean Rose

And here's the final bit. I'd like to think that is 100% conclusive proof
of what happened.

The IP range hijacked by backconnect.net, returns interesting
results on google:


    ## Global allows
    ALLOW_MAIN="$ALLOW_MAIN" # Internal

Backconnect.net hijacked Staminus's internal management range
and used that to gain further access to Staminus's systems.