Death knell for residential non-cable access?

(I dropped domain-policy off of the distribution - this doesn't seem to have
anything to do with that topic. And it may not be a good nanog topic either,
but here I go anyway.)

   Type bit-rate Monthly CKb
   modems 33.6Kbps ~$25US $0.74US note:$25 telco + $0 ISP charges
   modems 33.6Kbps ~$34US $1.01US note:$25 telco + $9 ISP charges
   Cable 1024Kbps ~$49US $0.04US
   DSL 1148Kbps ~$600US $0.52US
   T1 1540Kbps ~$2500US $1.62US

I think Roeland is ignoring a couple of pretty important issues to many

1. Many folks are almost completely price-driven. A $25 service is preferred
over a $49 service, regardless of capacity issues.

2. Some folks are very much part-time connectors. They use their normal voice
line to talk to their ISP. They don't consider the cost of the line as part of
the cost of the Ineternet connection. So their ISP service costs them 9 or 19
dollars (or even 0, if we reach that point).

Tony Rall

The DSL charge from BellSouth is ~$60US reducing the CKb to $0.052US.
(That's at full rate)