dear bog

I don't think performance is an issue. My alpha (F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET) is not
among the fastest machines Digital makes, but it can verify hundreds of PGP
signatures per second (assuming an even distribution of sizes from 1K to 10K.)

I also don't think random signatures are a problem. The right way to approach
this is that if a message submitter is not in the relay's web of trust -- which
means any NANOG member can "sign up" any new NANOG member -- then it dies on
the floor.

I think there are plenty of people here willing to donate the time and the
machinery for this, but the question remains: is MERIT willing to put it in
place and let the volunteers run it?

And if not, is MERIT willing to close this list, and accept
  a list housed elsewhere as the "official" NANOG mailing list?

  The NANOG organizers at MERIT are as close to in charge as we
  get around here, so it really is up to them....