Dealing with ARIN.. my experiences & tips


no .. you win!

It isn't about winning or losing, but how you play the game :slight_smile:

> > even where over-allocation is concerned you cant seriously expect folks to
> > renumber in order to give space back. renumbering has to be a no-no.
> Why not?

you've not done this then i assume?

I have, including once at breakneck speed, due to "circumstances"
it isn't fun, much like writing reports, doing cost-analysis, and
taking the garbage out aren't fun, but you do them anyways because
they have to be done from time to time.

> what provider? a swamp /24 would have been allocated by InterNIC
> along with your single domain name. The domains, by virtue of a periodic
> reregistration process, are cleaned up. The swamp space isn't (yet).

if its a direct allocation from arin then you have membership fees, if they
arent paid surely thats an indication theres a problem?

if its some sort of pre-arin stuff then we've jumped off-thread.

Perhaps it was me, but somewhere along the road the pre-ARIN /8s
were brought into the mix, which opened up (to me) the entire swamp
including 128/2 and the swampy bits of 192/3.

> > you have a slightly different point here, i agree. theres a number of legacy /8s
> > out there, they need fixing. i dont have any answers tho!
> As well as /16s, and /24s. A periodic communication of some kind is
> really needed to cull out the silent lost. Similarly those who are
> so far out of whack from the rest of us due to fortunate circumstance
> should be brought to something approaching in-line.

hmm, if its dead then presumably you could achieve this by watching the routing
table over a period of a few months and considering blocks older than a couple
of years that are consistently not appearing to be dead and automatically
reusable maybe?

I think some kind of contact method would be necessary. as others have
and will point out, not all address space allocated under IANA is in/for
use on the public Internet.