De-registration request

Dear Hank,

Sorry for the delay, I am not on the nanog list anymore (it's hard
enough to follow naipr :wink:

Just to correct this: Fortunately you were not the first one who
returned an AS number. Since we have many hostmasters working at
the RIPE NCC the particular hostmaster you dealt with might not
have been aware of this.

We even make regular surveys to find out if networks are multihomed.
Some people then realise that they don't need an AS number and
return it.

And the procedure is really easy: You just inform us that you don't
need the numbers anymore and we take appropriate action.

We are always happy to take AS numbers or address space back.
Don't hesitate :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Mirjam Kuehne
Manager Registraton Services

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