DDOS Today?

I just got on today.
Was there any large DDOS attacks today.
Any specific networks impacted?

I am still trying to confirm what happened, but it looks like we got whacked today.

Around 2:35 EST all our BGP peers dropped pretty much at the same time. Our mrtg systems have all fallen over too - so I can’t confirm a traffic spike.

Anybody else?


Greg Valente wrote:

Hi, I hadn't noticed that this has something to do with us, until Dave Lugo pointed it out.

I really don't know who has anything to do with IPV6 here, I suspect very much it's a product
group's test block. Or something. I had forwarded a previous note about an IPV6 block with
no longer valid WHOIS contact info to our people who interact with the registries for DNS and IP,
but I don't know if it's the same block. Chances are that they're having almost as much trouble
as you tracking down who is responsible for this block.

I've forwarded a copy of this to some of the people I know in networking who may know about
this or what to do with it.

In the meantime, I strongly suggest that you call 1-800-684-4357 (our 7x24 support line) and enter a ticket.
I'd do it for you, but I don't have your contact information, nor understand this issue well enough to describe

That help line normally gets support calls from employees, and they'll expect an employee number. I'll
email you my employee number directly, so you can give them an ID to tie it to if they insist.

Greg Valente wrote: