DDoS mitigation services from SPs


I did some searching and have not found any concrete replies on the
list, but what carriers can offer L3 DDoS mitigation? Specifically, I
noticed an old UUnet offering, but it seems like I must be speaking
the wrong language to my sales drones. Specifically, we're dealing
with AT&T, Qwest and Verizon Business. My thought is that they all
offered some type of service like this, but my security folks have
been driving this and having limited success.

Names of other SPs (we're looking at Verisign) is helpful, but we are
stuck with the Dallas area.

Note: I am not interested in changing DNS records and prefixes should
be able to be advertised through BGP like normal. (Apparently, people
like to do funky DNS stuff to make this work and sometimes don't want
to do BGP in other scenarios.)

Thanks in advance,

Might also try Prolexic. Or level3, which resells Prolexic.

And then there's other forms of redundancy - ultradns or similar for
your nameservers, for example.

Verizon Business and AT&T both have DDoS Detection & Mitigation Services
available, as do other providers such as Tata, Prolexic, and Verisign.
Providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Tata unfortunately do not sell services
off-net, so you'll need to have the sites you want protected connected to
their networks. Similarly, these providers tend to put "all their eggs in
one basket" by using a singular technology for their service. On the other
hand, providers like Prolexic and Verisign have very robust offerings
selling off-net and utilizing multiple vendors as they understand a
one-size-fits-all doesn't work. I'd strongly advocate talking to the
Verisign folks as they really seem to be attracting all the top talent right
now - I'd be willing to bet their offering is the one that others will
eventually emulate.


Stefan Fouant, CISSP, JNCIEx2
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Does any one have a contact at Prolexic? I've been attempting to get in touch with their sales force for 2-3 weeks with no success.


Jesse Proudman
Blue Box Group, LLC
p. 800-613-4305 x 801

I'm not sure they have a sales force anymore, one of the VP's is
handling sales inquiries now so it's not a surprise that responses are
latent or worse.


Michael Renshaw

Director of Global Partner Sales

O 954-620-6002 x1018

D 954-620-1318


Thank you all for the information. This has helped us get a move in
the right direction with both our carriers and alternative services.