DDoS mitigation recommendations

There was an interesting thread on this topic a few weeks back. I really liked the Guards, it's too bad Cisco decided to pull this from the marketplace - it was as close to a panacea as it gets.

As alternatives, I've worked with the Riorey boxes as well as Arbor gear. They are both very good boxes, but as your requirements state that you require Multi-tenancy that only really leaves the Arbor. Unfortunately, the Riorey boxes only support a one-size fits all approach as they do not allow unique filtering parameters on a per-prefix basis. Arbor on the other hand supports a full range of Managed Objects and Mitigation Templates which can be applied to individual prefixes, etc.

Sorry for the top post, I'm on my Blackberry.

Stefan Fouant

The RioRey per prefix issue is fixed although the patch they released to us
had a lot of bugs. Were still waiting on a working appliance with the new

IntruGuard fits the bill and is probably 1/5th the cost of Arbor pound for
pound. We use both RR and IG, each having their pros and cons.