ddos from .mil, and from state.oh.us

Oki all,

A month ago today Gadi was looking for a contact at US .mil, this morning
I had the same need, as a node in the nipr.mil playpen was a major player
in a 100+ node ddos directed at a web blog customer we host -- it had a
high rate of fire, accounting for over 20% of the total POST methods.

Email to the DO was a waste of time, but I did find a useful contact.

One of the nodes used in today's ddos against that customer blog appeard in
a seperate multi-thousand ad insert (unpaid, naturally) attack on another of
our customer blogs, accounting for about half of the total POST methods.

If anyone has a useful contact in the state.oh.us playpen, please drop me
a line. Email since 24/Nov is unanswered.


MILCERT / DISA at http://www.cert.mil would be interested, I guess?