DC opinions?

Anyone in Centurylink Ashburn or Seattle? Do you have an opinion?

Customary protocols apply.

-- jra

Thanks to the three people who sent me opinions (trending negative), and
to Fergdawg, who thought my inquiry was overly cryptic. Given I only got
three replies, perhaps he was right. :slight_smile:

-- jra

Anyone in Centurylink Ashburn or Seattle? Do you have an opinion?

And the replies I got helped me to illustrate my concerns.

So now, off I go to go DC shopping. Of course, I'm happy to hear people's
glowing opinions in this part of the process. Requirements:

1) West/Central/East US (Seattle/Vegas/Virginia? Maybe Chattanooga)
2) Disaster avoidance (Seismic, Wind, Water, Ice/Snow, etc)
3) Good DR per site
4) Direct access to big eyeball networks (Comcast, T-Bone, etc)
5) MPLS connectivity on a reasonably dense backbone, and between two/three
   data centers
6) As someone put it so lyrically the other day, "financial diversity"
   (If someone's going to pooch the records and accidentally shut you off,
   better they only hit 1/2 or 1/3 of your gear.)

The DCs need to be TIA-942 *certified*, though there appears to be some
question about whether it's 942-A-1 that is required; I do not read the
proposal that way, myself.

I'll be looking to put in 6-10 racks; if a lockable cage isn't horribly more
expensive that'd be nice. 208/3ph, good UPSs, good gensets, good refuel,
good security; all that good stuff.

Anyone got a datacenter RFP in that general class that isn't company

Off list as usual; I'll summarize if anyone wants to know. I won't be
saying where we went until we go there, as usual. :wink:

-- jra

I put a DR site at DR Fortress in Honolulu. One of the best decisions
I ever made.

Sadly, maintenance of that site has now passed to another...