Data Centre - Advice? (Shenzhen, China)


Does anyone have any great websites to share or advice where I can
locate all the tier one Internet Data Centre (IDC) providers in Shenzhen

My second question would be on any advice that anyone can offer about
the problems that can be faced operating your technology foot print
inside the PRC, if there are any?

Warm Regards,


1) Define "tier one".

NTT got some IDC in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou), but not in Shenzhen.
Chinanetcenter would be there:

Remember Hong Kong is well served in Datacenters and upstream providers, and well, just next to Shenzhen.

2) Define "technology foot print" =)
Couldn't respecting RFC be a foot print already?
No joke, please give more details about your "technology".


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