Data Center operations mail list?

Is there a mail list that’s analogous to NANOG, but focused on the data center infrastructure and operations? The hosted list is defunct.

Thanks, and apologies for the tangential topic.


Did you come across one?

I am setting one up and invited Chris to moderate it with me. I've always
looked for a list that covers that topic as well. I followed the same name
style as nanog and registered the domain.

A very good idea!

-mel via cell

Very nice.

Please let us know when you have it up and available.


Thank you for getting this going.

Nad Cog?

North American Data Center Operations Group, perhaps? is still available *hint*hint*

~Marcin <> has been around for at least 5 years and has, to date, 3 or 4 emails IIRC. It’s still there if you want something already built and functional.



There is a DC-ops list hosted at puck I setup for people awhile ago. Feel free to use that.

Jared Mauch

Absolutely feel free to use it; I haven't seen a single message on it in...
well, it was 3 years ago I was in datacenters regularly, so I'm goin with
"3 years". :slight_smile:

-- jra

Exactly. I figured if it can be organized with the help of the community
and provide other benefits aside from a mailing list, I wouldn't have a
problem with helping.

What is the mailman URL?

There's a message there now... :slight_smile:

Rather than fragmenting further, I'd suggest building up demand first on
existing infrastructure. If it gets to the size of NANOG and needing a
support organisation around it, then it can split off then...


Nothing is currently running on that domain. It is just available if you make the right offer to purchase it.


Marcin Cieslak wrote:

O is still available *hint*hint*


Doesn't look likes it's available any more.

In terms of building a critical mass, there do seem to be a goodly number of data center types on:
various forums at
(probably) some of the support lists for various cloud stacks
the LISA and USENIX communities have some lists of sysadmin types

Miles Fidelman

hi nanog

With the lack of interest compared to NANOG (especially seeing how the
old list simply dried up) it might be best making the list global
rather than North America only to get the traffic levels up a bit.

there used to be an active "" decades ago
that was taken over by a commerical entity
- the "xxx" represented various topics
( security, infrastructure, colo, control panels, etc )

those domains are all dead .. i found these new url that may or
may not be what you're looking for ... i didnt check it out

i'd like to see a NOC contact address for resolving
( DDoS ) issues coming from that ISP ... i'll help out if needed

the list of friendly co-operating NOC contracts probably need to be
"member only protected" to protect it from being spam'd ?

pixie dust

At some point (hopefully sooner than later) the OP should just move
forward in some manner with the concept.

If I've learned anything about mailing lists in the past 35+ years,
things will be discussed and discussed and discussed and...

Parkinson's Law of Triviality comes to mind...