Data Center Building Considerations


We are doing some preliminary research into relocating our facilities into a
new building. This building has not been built and we would like to have
some input into at least one of the floors being suitable for a Data Center
installation. What I was wondering is if there are any serious design
consideration with respect to floor loading, access for things like
HVAC/Power, and general convenience issues such as cable management, access
security and the like.

If anyone has recently gone through any kind of building design or similar
work for this type of installation, perhaps you would be able to share your
experience or information on the subject.

Either a reply to the list or off list would be great.



You really, really, want to talk to a professional who was been through a few of these designs with past customers. You can always tweak a design for better usability for your needs, but you definitely don't want to get burned by a rather steep learning curve in terms of capex dollars.

Just my advice,

Deepak Jain

Aaron Thomas wrote: