Darwin becomes home to first multicast mesh network

Does anyone know if this is actually an IP multicast mesh network, and, if so, anything about its protocols and deployment experience ?



Darwin has become home to the first multicast mesh network in Australia after the installation of an $8 million 109 camera CCTV self-healing wireless network.

The project, set up to manage six square kilometres of Darwin's CBD, began after the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services Department awarded the contract to Darwin-based security company, Security and Technology Services (STS).

Managing 109 closed circuit TV cameras initially proved troublesome for the NT Police, which often experienced power outages resulting from lightning strikes as well as the transmission of high definition video streams from cameras to three police stations and a fourth remote storage facility.

Adelaide based network company MIMP was chosen by STS to deliver a highly redundant, high performance 128-bit data encrypted wireless network to integrate Darwin’s central camera system.--