d.root-servers.net (terp.umd.edu)

A tornado has struck the University of Maryland, killing
two. News reports indicate extensive destruction around
the campus.

d.root-servers.net (also known as terp.umd.edu) appears
to be up, and functioning unscathed.

2 people dead, 50 injuried, 3000 evacuated.

Two tornadoes move across 70 miles of Northern Virginia, Maryland
and Washington DC. Winds were measured at a peak of 206 miles
per hour. University of Maryland: College Park has canceled
classes today, and Maryland's Governor has declared a state of
emergency in Prince George's and Howard counties. Tornadoes are
rare in this part of the country, and even rarer at this time of year.

The area has many different Internet facilities, data centers,
and companies. Tornadoes generally create rather narrow
paths of destruction. Public Internet performance measurements
show two distinct, but minor blips near the time of the tornadoes.
It does show the importance of having an "all-hazard" response
plan, instead of concentrating on only one threat.