Cymru Bogon Route Help

Can you give us a little more details around how you're trying to convert the BGP routes received into an ACL?

While we're on the topic, I'd really love for the Team Cymru folks to turn their bogon list into a Flowspec feed <hint hint> :wink:

Sorry for the top post, I'm on my BB.

Stefan Fouant

As he said, there are examples of how to implement this on the Cymru
website, see:

You're not converting anything, you're feeding prefixes from a
community into a community-list that you are doing a route-map on. The
route map sets a next-hop that has a static route to a null interface.

Chris, I assume you are applying the route map on your peering
interfaces right? I noticed that part was left out of the example
assuming you were doing it yourself. Though I've been able to get this
working on the 7200 before, you might want to ask cisco-nsp if you're
having specific (mis?)behavior with policy routing on Cisco gear.