CW Routing Registry source change to SAVVIS.

Greetings !

On March 8th, 2004, SAVVIS Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: SVVS), a leading global managed services provider, secured all regulatory approvals and closed its acquisition of the assets of Cable & Wireless USA, Inc. and Cable & Wireless Internet Services, Inc. (together, with certain of their affiliates, “Cable & Wireless America” or “CWA”).

As the result of this acquisition the Cable & Wireless (CW) Routing registry will be transitioned to source SAVVIS registry.

On Friday, April 9th, 2004 the Routing Registry data would be converted to source SAVVIS. We expect the downtime to be from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST. As a result of this maintenance source CW RR will cease to exist.

Please visit for more details about SAVVIS RR.


Fingers crossed, due to the good reputation SAVVIS has with the anti-spam community (SAVVIS has probably the best AUP in the industry and a well-respected Abuse team), at Spamhaus we're hoping this spells extended downtime for the large mass of spammers Cable & Wireless and Exodus have been servicing.

Spamhaus publishes a "Top 10 World Worst Spam ISPs" monthly chart from SBL data, and for March Exodus was 7th and C&W was 8th (I know we should combine 'Exodus' into 'C&W' now, but I'm afraid if we did C&W would probably beat the No1 place UUNet in volume of harbored spammers). So here's hoping the SAVVIS team can turn C&W round in more ways than one.