Customers down?

Since 8am, we've seen a rising amount of customers going down.

It's been attributed to them turninf off thier equipment.

The local Bell Atlantic DSC claims that 'hundreds, maybe thousands of
circuits are down,' mostly due to customers turning stuff off.

Everyone else seeing this?

We advised our customers to place loop back plugs on the T1's That
way circuit monitoring software won't go to crazy.

Most of our clients have shut down there mail servers and have asked
us to route mail to /dev/null instead of queueing it.

Virus worries.


Yes. We sent out a survey to find out who was going to do this in
advance. I'd say we caught about 80% of the self-disconnections this way
(so far).

Ryan Brooks

Alex Rubenstein wrote:

I've got 30 or so dedicated wireless customers who are down because they
shut their servers off today. So far all the hardwired T1 customers are

You're surprised? Those purveyors-of-ignorance known as the US news
media, have been selling y2k-doom ever since Monica Lewinsky quit smoking

If they can do something like move the millenium aniversary up by one
year, then surely they can convince people to shut off their routers for
no reason.

20% of our customer frame circuits are down, and about 30% of our
dedicated-dialup customers. Mail bound for these sheep is now accumulating
in large quantites at their backup MXs (our smtp boxes).