Customers Didn't Know

I agree. Internet should belong to everyone. However, I felt pity
to those still using that ISP X as their Internet access provider.
At the last Comnet Conference at Washington DC (1/30-2/1), I happened
to run into a few exhibitors at the floor who were customers to this
ISP X. To my surprise, none of them were aware of the fact that they
were restricted to reach out potential customers who insist on using their own
long prefix IP address. They all expressed serious concern of such
limitation and felt angery at the arbitrary restriction by their
service supplier. I think ISP X is going to have some explanation to

ISP X definitely cannot claim itself offering universal
connectivity in the Internet world. Its customers cannot reach out
and touch anyone they wish. There is potential legal liability due
to loss of business opportunity if the customer can establish
misrepresentation by ISP X, or perhaps show gross disregard of
negligence as compared to the industrial standard. Afterall, ISP X
is the only one departing from the industrial norm.

I get the feeling that all this matter can be resolved simply by
someone informing the customers of ISP X's unilateral practice
decision which resulted in their accessibility limitation. Who
knows, may be all ISP's other than ISP X will benefit from the
windfall of the exodus customers who felt being cheated for the
service they've contracted. Better yet, I think ISP X is creating
seed for a class action suit.