Customers are demanding diversity a lot more

Verizon spokesmen are quoted in the Wall Street Journal
that nearly all voice and data service has been restored
since September 11 attacks. Although the article also
points out some customers are relying on CLEC services
because Verizon hasn't restored their service. According
to Verizon, about 8000 circuits are still nonfunctional.
Verizon estimates it will spend about $1 billion on its
recovery efforts.

AT&T has released a video showing its employees response
since September 11. According to an AT&T spokesmen, AT&T
spent about $300 million to maintain its ability to recover
a complete switching site.

Genuity has rehomed the customers previously connected
to its WTC pop. And now (only now?) has plans to connect
its data centers through diverse POPs. It is also adding
the ability to identify specific types of customers, such
as government, hospitals, etc in case it needs to provide
them service in an emergency. The voice network has had
a "service restoration priority" program for a long time,
until now ISP services were not covered by such a concept.

Worldcom and Sprint are maintaining their "no comment" policy.