customers and web servers and level one naps

> Second: allowing such a customer, or an NSP, to attach web services
> directly to the FDDI ring at the NAP.
> [...]
> PAIX is doing this. As far as I know the other major interchange provider
> are not. I am wondering why.

Digital's new XP is doing this. for more info.
Other XP's do it too if it makes business sense. The market will figure
out whether it makes sense or not.

Digital's new XP is not doing this. Quoting the above WWW page:

Digital is not in the business of selling Internet Service.
Locating a corporate server at the Digital Internet Exchange insures the
fastest access to global Internet routes. We're a switching center and a
data center designed for collocation of business computers, a facility that
is secure, powered, cooled, fire protected and earthquake resistant with
7x24 access, and remote hands service.

Then, later on in, we see: