customers and web servers and level one naps

> Second: allowing such a customer, or an NSP, to attach web services
> directly to the FDDI ring at the NAP.
> PAIX is doing this. As far as I know the other major interchange provider
> are not. I am wondering why.

Umm, they were, shall we say, unclear. I heard from one PAIX source that
they would give IPs to hosts (non-routers), but another source (at ISPCon)
said that they wouldn't.

I'd like to know the answer to this (re: PAIX. No other exchange that I
know of gives IPs for use by non-routers that aren't RA machines). It's
well-know nthat ploth has a host on the Sprintlink && Pennsauken
gigaswitches @ Pennsauken, but I'm quite sure he doesn't run web services
on it :slight_smile:

The only devices for which I have or ever will assign IP addresses on
the PAIX network are ISP routers, route servers (2), and layer 2
devices that have IP addresses for SNMP management. If you heard
anything different from anyone else, they're wrong.