customers and web servers and level one naps

From: Avi Freedman <>
> I'd like to know the answer to this (re: PAIX. No other exchange that I
> know of gives IPs for use by non-routers that aren't RA machines).

But that doesn't stop people from attaching hosts into the NAP infrastructure.
I pointed this out on the mae-west list a few weeks ago. There are quite a
few providers at mae-west who plug the NetEdge at their end into a FDDI
ring which has multiple IP subnets on it, one of them the NAP addresses,
and another for their local boxes. Since the NetEdge is a filtering bridge,
it seems like it would isolate the traffic, but it DOESN'T STOP BROADCAST
TRAFFIC. So you get lots of CDP packets, rwhod packets, RIP packets, internal
ARP requests, and who knows what else floating around the entire exchange point.

Yes, and this *IS* a problem.
But none of those had a 198.32.136.x address...

The bigger problem (the one I was thinking about) would be someone putting
a host on 192.41.177.x or 192.157.69.x or 198.32.136.x or ...

Most providers carry the 192.41.177/24 (MAE-East) etc... routes and
"know" how to get to them, so any machine hooked up with the IP out
of the network of a major XP has the potential to get "free" full or
partial Internet connectivity.

*That*'s the big problem you have to make sure to avoid if you want
people to play with you (if you're an XP operator).