Customer woes and ps3 network

I have a customer on a ps3, and he can't seem to connect to the psn. Keeps
getting the 80710016 error. If there is anyone that can help me
troubleshoot this issue, that would be great.

I have yet to see the packets on the wire lie.

Further, the packets on the wire will likely give you a starting point.

After searching for the error, this may not be a problem with the network at all. One report I saw says that the error can come from banned / blacklisted IPs. So you may be looking for a non-existent network problem.

I will be on site with the customer tomorrow to do packet captures.
It may be a weak wireless signal(he claims).
I also saw such a report, and changed his IP to one of our known good IPs,
and the issue persists.
We are running over PPPoE, so packet size is diminished from 1500 to 1492.
I have DMZed his console, issue persists. I have given his router 3
different public IPs to no avail.
This(ps3) was working yesterday on hughesnet, until we did our installation.


So first of all, PS3 in 2018...... :stuck_out_tongue:
But kidding aside,
some application require TCP-MSS (maximum segment size) to be set to a
lower value than the default.

You can play with the size but i settled for 1450 at the time.

good luck

Sorry for the spam,
but it should have been
"Some application, with a PPPoE connection, require TCP-MSS (maximum
segment size) to be set to a lower value than the default."