Customer AS

We can't pretend to be able to replace the phone networks until we can
achieve similar reliability. Phone networks typically are spec'ed to
two minutes a year downtime.

Uh huh, while I agree with you that the Internet is not
remotely as stable as voice networks are, I think that
this has a great deal to do with the revenue difference.

Consider that a T3, eating 690 DS0s, at 10 cents/minute/DS0,
is worth ($52560 * 690) some thirty-six million dollars a year
in revenue on the voice network.

Sean - not picking nits but should that not be 28 T1s i.e. 24 * 28
giving 672 DS0s ?

Given the cost of even the cheapest voice tariff from DE to the US
as another example I get an annual worth of 311 million dollars
for the same DS2 circuit. Given that a leased transatlantic DS3 costs
between 6.5-7 million dollars p.a. this again reinforces your point below.