Current Round Table Delegates ?

As the dust settles, it appears that one new
Root Name Server Confederation can be added
to the world Round Table. Hopefully, each Root
Name Server Confederation can present 2 delegates
to represent the confederation.

Here are the likely candidates.

<Stupid DNS B.S. Deleted>

Jim, please keep your DNS-related posts off of NANOG. It is OFF-TOPIC for
this mailing list. Thanks.

This is silly. If this is sent to the nanog list (and I have yet to see a
clear reason why it is considered a service to post it here), the least
you can do is address your message to nanog... ie: "Hi, I am posting
this to NANOG because...".

I'm new to this list, and I'm disappointed that people are leaving due to
the flood of mail about nameserver "confederations". I could really care
less about this until there is some clear agreement as to who gets the new
(e,u,alter)dns cash cow. In the month I've been on this list, I've found
it to be extremely helpful, but recently, I hit "D" on way too many
messages. It seems clear that no one wants to see this on the list, so
unless there is a demand, please stop cross-posting. If I want to know
about developments in this area, I'll subscribe to the appropriate lists;
but please don't force me to by cc-ing these announcements here. If I'm
out of line for posting, forgive me, but as a late-comer to the NANOG
list, these postings seem totally irrelevant.


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Charles Sprickman Internet Channel
INCH System Administration Team (212)243-5200

I am really sorry to see people leaving this list because of the inane DNS
squabbling. Don't get me wrong it's important stuff to discuss. So rather
than having this list get moderated (thereby losing its rare but timely
problem announcements), why can't Fleming et al. create a new list and
take all DNS issues there (Heck, call it nanog-dns). It is really
disappointing to see valuable people leave because of the noise. Let's
get this list back to North American network operations issues and cut out
the political bull.