CSU/DSU selection

We at BARRNet are considering re-evaluating the T1 CSU/DSUs that we use in an
effort to find a more cost-effective solution to connecting small sites which
want T1 connectivity (we currently use Cylinks, which might be thought of as
the "cadillac" of CSU/DSUs - many features, kinda pricey...) To this end, I'd
appreciate hearing about experience that other networks have had with T1
CSU/DSUs made by various manufacturers. The following evaluation criteria are
of particular interest:

  - Cost per unit (list price, price we can expect to get, discount plans
    offered, if any)
  - Does manufacuturer offer multi-unit "nest" (and if so, cost)
  - Framing options (D4 vs. ESF, etc.)
  - Line encoding options (AMI vs. B8ZS, etc.)
  - Maximum effective bandwidth (1344 vs. 1536); if full-T1, what scheme
    is used to guarentee one's density requirement is met

Responses to vaf@stanford.edu - I'll summarize if there is interest.


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