Cross-country shipping of large network/computer gear?

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

Do you really mean counter to counter, or do you mean Real Air Freight
(like going to the United Air Cargo facility behind Gate Gourmet in
the same strip as FedEx out at IAD)? Real Air Freight (tm) rocks my
world. Going into the terminal to baggage claim and trying to find
someone to help you find your package is annoying.


IMHE, "Real Air Freight" seldom comes with a guarantee that it
will travel on a given flight. Some time back, I REALLY REALLY
needed a 235# 20HP 480V motor moved CLE->ORD->MIA. I {well, you..}
paid United ~2X for "Priority One" and then found out 10 minutes
before its departure they'd bumped it off the ORD->MIA plane
"because we gotta bunch of mail on that 727.."... [Note the USPS
tariff is very profitable to airlines..]

I pointed out that this was ALSO a USG shipment, and if it was not
at MIA at 1600 that day, United could deliver it to my end point,
as at that time I was leaving for South America, with motor,
on Eastern. [I was in fact going to get the motor there and
install it...]

The motor got there on time.

(I took it as checked baggage on Eastern; they could not figure
out how to charge me so it was the usual $40 flatrate per bag
for the international leg....)

In conclusion:

Air freight may well be best but be sure it's a direct flight,
and know what you are paying for.....