Creative routing (was Re: Policy Statement ...)

If such a company exists, and had such an incredibly popular web site,
I wouldn't worry too much. I suspect the major NSP's would engage
in several creative routing configurations (short-circuits, backdoors,
etc). If only in an attempt at self-preservation to keep the NSP's
backbone interconnects (and customer service phone lines) from melting
down. Much like a radio station with a single telephone contest line
can bring down an entire city's telephone system.

I'd bet even Mr. Doran (or Mr. Doran's managers) would make an exception
given the right economic incentives.

BTW, my definition of a "very, very, very popular web site" requires
multiple DS-3's (or whatever the backbone du jure is using) to support
the bandwidth needs. A site at the end of a 56K line isn't going
to be very, very, very popular for very, very, very long.