Creating exchanges

Hawaii and Guam would both make sensible exchange points. For the west
side of the Pacific Rim, though, Guam is looking pretty good from a
U.S territory perspective.

>From an infrastructure perspective, though, Japan looks hard to beat.
The pipes to Singapore/Jakarta/Australia, Guam/Hawaii/L.A.-ish, and
somewhere in Oregon (?) all meet there. Ignoring regulations, tariff
issues, etc., of course.


My copy of said map does -not- cover planned new fiber runs.
Singapore and Japan are both well positioned as is HongKong
for some of the new stuff I've heard coming from the C&W coop
and a planned ATT/KDD/PRC-MPT venture.

Oh... btw, the "wnog" would really be the IEPG.
Or, since this has a distinctly PacRim flavor, APOPS.