Creating exchanges [Was: Re: MAE-East - 30%]

Hello Robert,

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:

Hong Kong looks slightly promising except for the slight problem of
next summer. Singapore is probably a no-go because of how anal the
government is there; all we need is an AP CIX with a host government
enforced AUP that says "no dirty gifs, no politically unacceptable
speech, etc.".

Actually, when you count the number of countries directly interconnected at any Asia Pacific IX (including the ones on the US West Cost) STIX - Singapore Telecom Internet Exchange is currently #1. (see

Singapore's SBA (the Internet censor) has stated over and over again that business and international traffic are NOT their problem. They just out to protect the people at home - and that's Singapore's really none of our business (and not a topic for NANOG). Please read the information from the source vs reading biased reporters from the US -

As to you other point, AP CIX is a no go in Asia Pacific. This discussion as been going on for over 4 years. I've been involved and actively trying to make it happen for over 3 years. The cable consortium, telco, national, AP ISP and US ISP politics prevent any type of successful 'neutral' IX in Asia Pacific.