Creating exchanges [Was: Re: MAE-East - 30%]


Paul Ferguson wrote:

This is also the reason why we [collectively] are encouraging the
creation of local exchange points outside of North America. The
situation where two providers in The Phillipines (for example)
have to back-haul traffic to the US to exchange bits is contributing
to the overall problem. This needs to be fixed, but it certainly
won't happen overnight, primarily due to the economic situation
in the general locale.

Yeah, we are eagerly awaiting that. Though, OTOH, since our
bandwidths are just a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the
US networks, varying from 64K to E1. And, in our case, the economic
factor is secondary to political -- we CAN pay for the lines, but
various inter-telco factors prevent successful interconnection of
all interested parties.

The possibility to correct this problem increases as deregulation happens.

Yes, for the benefit of the NANOG community's info, the first IX is being
build by PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone), which wouldn't probably
even be thought of if they remained the monopoly carrier (monopoly was
broken in 1992). Of course, vestiges of their former dominance remain,
especially in the analog phone line department.