Could people with experience with ARIN's IRR API contact me off-list?


Dayjob uses RADB mainly but would like for authority purposes to put some
things in ARIN.

I've had an ARIN help desk ticket in for a couple days, and would like to move to letting our IPAM files be the source of truth and push everything in via the API, but I'm finding a few things about the API just obtuse.

I could post that laundry list here, but I'd prefer to get confirmations from people who've written tools against it what tools you found useful, and if the broken things I'm seeing are actually as broken as I think they are.

ARIN people who implemented this, I'd love to hear from you as well.



I don’t have anything for you, but I’m curious what IPAM you’re using and what difficulties you’re having. I’m looking to do something similar.

I've played around with it a little recently, primarily for bulk creation of auth IRR route objects. One oddity I found, which I complained to ARIN about, was using the API, GET requests of publicly visible objects will fail if the user your API key belongs to doesn't have write access to the object.

What issues are you having?

BTW, if you have the ability to put all your objects in auth sources, why would you continue paying to use RADB? Some networks (at least Tata) have deprecated non-auth sources, causing us to migrate away from RADB.