Contact info for Level 3 CDN GeoIP

Hey All,

For my dayjob I help run an Anycast DNS network and we've recently had complaints from our users in the APAC region that sites using Level 3's CDN have poor performance. Upon looking into this, it seems that they (Level 3) have incorrect geolocation data for some of our Singapore servers and are returning IPs for CDN servers in Australia. I've validated the WHOIS information for the blocks in question is correct, and every GeoIP site I check against comes back as Singapore, so this must be some internal database.

I've tried emailing the whois contact, as well as the technical contact for the domain but have yet to receive a response. Wonder if anyone else has been able to get in touch with the CDN people at Level 3?


Did you check these services?

Thanks for the link, I did actually check out the links on that page and they all seem to return the correct geoip. I didn’t see any specific contacts for Level3, unless I missed it?

Someone did reach out to me off-list, so fingers crossed they can get it resolved.