contact at sbcglobal?

Looking for someone at sbcglobal that can help.

DNSBL:To request removal ,send
and E-mail to

Getting no response from mail sent to and the
people on the phone have no idea what we are talking about. They just
refer us to the e-mail address.

Bill Gerrard


  Good luck finding one as I, as a SBC customer, have trouble
reaching someone as well. I actually had RoadRunner blocking my network
as they claimed it was dynamic dial-up IP space, I still don't know if
SBC ever got with RR to confirm it was not even though my email went to
both RR and SBC although it appears the block was removed I just never
received any confirmation.

  From what I understand talking with a SBC tech on-site here at
work last week SBC has outsourced the support/abuse department and
doesn't maintain any control over it directly. I haven't been able to
confirm this myself other than saying it's hard as a customer to get
responses, let alone trying if I wasn't one.