Consumer networking head scratcher

It doesn't seem to provide visibility into the NAT tables. However, I'm
starting to think you might be on to something.

The issue actually happened to my Mac tonight, and sure enough the
traceroute dies at the same time. So, it isn't just the Windows
machines impacted.

I did a packet capture on my end, and on a server somewhere that I
control and sent pings from my laptop to the server.

The server received my ICMP packets and responded, but those responses
never made it back to my laptop.

Meanwhile, my Roku is actively streaming from the Internet, so it's not
like the Internet was down.

Each device associated with the AP consumes memory. Small low-end routers
don't typically come with much memory. If you've got a lot of devices
associated with the AP you will run out of memory. I'm not sure how many
devices you're connecting, though. Three will not cause this problem. 30


Currently, I have 3 devices connected. :slight_smile: