Congestion peering C&W<->@home

Have somebody notice some congestion between C&W and @home,

12 ( 153 ms 128 ms 149 ms
13 * ( 346 ms
349 ms -------> peering congested.
14 ( 353 ms 340 ms *

Is the same congestion all the time, it doesn't matter what time of the

Any response, off/online will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Yes, I called CW support on this issue last week and I was told that they are aware of the issue and that their 2nd and 3rd level techs are on top of it. They could not give me an ETA but said that the issue has been going on for 2-3 months.


German Martinez writes:

This is probably more of an issue on @home's end, than C&Ws. Due to their
current financial difficulties, @home has had to seriously slow down
upgrades to it's peering infrastructure.

I would not expect resolution of this, any time soon.

- Daniel GOlding