configuration lost

hello ,

my 7513 lost configuration , i don’t know why ?
i have something like :

startup-config file open failed (Device or resource busy)

Rbackbone#sh startup-config
Using 35806 out of 126968 bytes
%Error opening nvram:/startup-config (Device or resource busy)

Best regards .

Did you have someone else logged into the router as well? I have seen this when the flash card is being accessed by another vty.

Deepak Jain

Do a 'who' on the router and see if someone else is logged in. If they
are, jot down the line number, then do a 'clear line <line number>'

I've seen some routers get stuck like this a few times. Also try doing
it again. If someone is doing a sh start or a wr mem while you're trying
to look at the config, it can break like this.


I've seen this happen before. We, thankfully, keep backup copies of the
config and therefore only lost the changes I'd made during that
session. In our case, it was a "lack of memory" issue. I.E; Only 128M on
the router when it needed 256M for the code+peering sessions.

I've had exactly this.. on a 7200 running 12.1(1a)

Reported it to TAC, no resolution and no idea what it was,

There was a crash which I forget what it was that you could see in the
stack; software problem or memory or something which took the router down,
it reloaded twice and when it came back up no config and no reason why it
should lose the NVRAM!

I just reentered the config from scratch..