Hey All,
I know it's the weekend and all, but I wonder if any of you would be
interested in this conference I am building for IT Support Professionals?
We are all IT Pro's here, many of you in support, and you may be able to
sympathize with my frustration with the lack of actual learning conferences
out there, compared to the outright pitchfests we attend each year.

For your consideration, my new business,

I set out as an IT manager working together with my wife to give us an
option to go to an event focused on learning, more specifically learning
the wide array of topics we need to work with on a daily basis, instead of
the thousand dollar events where only a small percentage is useful to you.

I invite you to attend, and as your humble founder, invite your feedback,
and ideas in how we can make this the greatest IT Support conference in the
nation (outside of making it free :wink: )

Thank you for your time, and I am sorry if you feel this is too much of a
marketing email.

Jesse Nowlin
IT Manager
O: (310) 639-7130 X 217
M: (310) 579-6665

520 W. Willow St.
Long Beach, CA 90806