This is a one off message and I will not reply to any public posts. But it's gotten to the point that I am quite angry by the underhanded sales tactics by a company that I once considered reputable.

I have available discounted SSL certificates via a small reseller account with SRSPlus. I get a very good price via this service on Thawte's ssl certs.

Comodo sales droids are now calling my customers to offer them discounted SSL certificate renewals. However they are quoting them retail prices. I am paying well under posted retail prices and generally sell them to my customers at about 50% of what Comodo is claiming to be a discounted price.

Comodo is cold calling business owners that have no idea what a SSL cert is for a website and trying to sell them something they know nothing about. My customers contact me for their website needs and I take it from there. I bill them after I pay for the cert via my resellers discount program.

Enough. Just fair warning to rest of this list about this practice from Comodo. End of subject from me.

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

Seconded. They were blocked two weeks ago on my many numbers after I filed
a complaint with the FTC here in the US...quite a fall from grace indeed.