Comments solicited: assignment of non-routed network numbers

I strongly suggest putting some network numbers aside for this


>We have recently received a number of requests from customers wanting IP
>network numbers which are never intended to be routed to the global Internet.
>consume a chunk of the provider's space. Also, how large should that block be
>to satisfy all requests for non-connected network numbers?
> --Vince

I would almost have suggested using a class-A net for this :slight_smile: except
that I have found the lack of flexibilty and understanding (of subnetting
rules and variable subnet masks) to be very prevelant in the 'industry'.

Since the underlying and existing software seems to deal with class-C
nets so much more nicely, can we allocate a class-[AB] and a chunk of
class-C nets ? Explaining the concept of split-subnets to confused
end users time and time again is pretty tiring...