Comments on Routing and Allocation Policy Wanted

From: patrick@Verity.COM (Patrick Horgan)

From: "Walter O. Haas" <>

Somehow I'm under the impression that it's possible to have SMTP over a
PPP dialup by logging into the mail server, is that not correct?

Not exactly. smtp is just a tcp protocol. You only need to do a tcp


One easy way to do mail is to nfs mount the directory containing


The next choice is POP (Post Office Protocol). With pop, your machine


Alternatively, if you want to SMTP over email for a domain over the
dialup connection, assign the PPP client a primary MX record and a
fully connected server on the PPP server's network a secondary. The
PPP reconnect script on the client can be instrumented to flush the
outgoing queue and also send email to pseudo alias on the secondary
MX server that triggers a flush of its incoming queue for your domain.
You have to make sure you dialup at least once every three days or so.

This strategy requires the PPP client have a static IP.