Comments on Routing and Allocation Policy Wanted

Somehow I'm under the impression that it's possible to have SMTP over a
PPP dialup by logging into the mail server, is that not correct? Assigning
an IP address on the fly gives better utilization of the space if you can
get the functionality you need.

-- Walt

There are several reasons that we are doing the static allocation for the
SLIP/PPP accounts:

1) Dynamic addressing for SLIP can cause grief, especially for users who
can't seem to figure out a script.

2) The sendmail issue: Packages such as Chameleon listen on Port 25 for
inbound SMTP connections while they're up. They won't handle some of the
enhancements to pop and other protocols.

3) Process cleanup for news. Inn seems to leave hung nnrpd processes
hanging around. Once an hour we try to ping each PPP user which has a
nnrpd process running, and if we don't get an answer after 5 tries, we
kill the process.

4) The population in the state is 1,000,000. We're in an area with
about 15,000 in the local calling area. I don't see us going over 2-300
PPP users in the next year at any given location.

and the list could go on and on and on.