Comcast Outages?

Anyone in the SE seeing and/or hearing of any massive Comcast outages

(Fiber, Voice & DOCSIS modems from Atlanta, GA to Tallahassee, FL and in
some select areas Jacksonville, FL...)

Yes, I'm in Atlanta. I lost DOCSIS Internet connectivity last night at just past midnight Eastern. I didn't bother troubleshooting and just went to bed. This morning I still had no access, but a power cycle of my cable modem restored connectivity.

I had lightning strikes ditch my fiber connections twice yesterday, but you
can't blame the network on the big angry hammer of Thor.

At least the poor guy who was directly below where lightning nailed our
site was already on the toilet......!!

In NE Maryland, Comcast has been down for 36hours. No idea how
widespread that is.

In the Philly area (lower bucks for the locals), we were down most all of Tuesday, but back up sometime between 2300 Tuesday and 0700 Wednesday when I next logged in.

My comcast business service in Atlanta has not seen any interruptions..