Comcast/Level3 issues

Looking for a networking contact at comcast and/or level3. I've been
having some slow speed issues with hitting some sites that's going through
level3 and I think there might be some congestion.


I'm seeing the same as well. Can anyone from Comcast/Level(3) reach out to me or provide comment. We're seeing heavy jitter and some packet loss most noticeable in NYC area connections between Level(3) and Comcast.

Comcast having saturated links to other providers is a common and frequently discussed issue. Here is one previous NANOG thread on the topic:

And a related article:

There are debates back and forth on the validity of the graphs from the NANOG post, but it is a fact that at that time Comcast was heavily pre-pending their Level BGP advertisements to force traffic over to Tata, and many many people noticed congestion at those links in a variety of markets.

I wish you luck, but my personal opinion is that your fastest resolution would be to move to another provider. Comcast is a residential ISP that lives on extreme over-subscription and not actually being able to deliver what customers believe they have. You'll notice a lot of recent news about increased and more strict data caps for their subscribers, and that is the only thing they will likely be doing to relieve these types of recurring issues.


The people pushing this policy are not without a face and name. They read
this mailing list, and attend our conferences. You'll want to talk to John
Schanz, Kevin McElearney, and Barry Tishgart.

Drive Slow (like a Comcast peering port),
Paul Wall


Thank you for the info. Can you say how many quarters or years until
Comcast is resolved?

I've seen references to that obscure whitepaper (co-authored,
ironically, by Patrick Gilmore) before on the broadbandreports forums,
by someone with a lot of knowledge on Comcast's network and internal
politics/peering discussions. Do you know who the poster is?

Drive Slow,


I don¹t read this list often, and rarely have seen a private message
reposted as you did, but at the risk of DFTT, give me some time to think
through a discussion topic for this list which touches on some of these

  - Kevin

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